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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Copy of Crisp Whites!

Greetings, Crispy fans - The wait is over! (well, almost…)
There are now suppliers who will ship Crisp Whites to Australian buyers - yay!

The attached press release has the links - also below...

You have 2 options for buying Crisp Whites:

Option 1 - Amazon

Go to , drop down the first menu to "books" and in the search field write "Crisp Whites"
Click on the 4 new link - this means 4 new suppliers and the second supplier: the_book_depository_ will ship to Australia.
Add to your cart from this section and proceed on to the checkout. You will need to add your card if you have not had an Amazon delivery before.

Option 2 - The Publisher's website

Here is the link:

The retail price is slightly higher than Amazon, and the shipping costs are slightly lower - so it works out pretty close :)

Now the only thing you will need to wait for is the shipping!

I'd love to hear what you think of the book... I hope you enjoy it.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Print Proof Looks Great!

Amid great excitement (including an excess of chocolate cake for the toddler) we have taken charge of the very first copy of Crisp Whites... It looks so good! I have given the green light to the publisher to release it... any day now!

CRISP WHITES will be available soon for $19.95USD and can be ordered through: or
or from the publisher’s website:
Wholesalers please email

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lily, Meadesborough, 1832

“Rose! Anne! Will you stop mooning about and bring in those eggs?” Lillian looks at me with that little gleam of amusement that she has – a sort of brightening of the eye that conveys delight with no need of any curve to the smile. She is the quiet, still one, my lovely namesake. Serene as a lake, and with a womanly depth to her nature that makes her company pure delight. She and I are addressing ourselves to the preparation of some light and, hopefully, fluffy sponge cakes. Her fiancĂ©’s parents come to tea today. They adore her already (who wouldn’t?) but it never hurts to make a good impression at every turn.

I roll my eyes and unreservedly roar out of the kitchen window; “Girls!” Finally there is some action from that quarter and the dreamy pair come drifting back through the herb garden. Lillian is a grown woman of twenty-four, but these two... although I don’t expect Rose, at nineteen to be too settled, Ann is just as bad, at twenty-two. Books, make believe, silly songs and impromptu pantomime in the garden... these are the things they love best.

I smile to myself as the eggs are handed over, still warm from the boxes. In truth I wouldn’t have my girls any other way, naturally enough. And although I often upbraid them for their undisciplined ways, I will stand ferocious guard over these lovely, carefree years of their youth. Time enough in any woman’s life to bend her mind, her back and her hands to the endless tasks of living.

Lillian and I whisk and fold, moving about the kitchen in a practised dance. Ann and Rose chatter like a pair of magpies, perched on high stools and stealing little pinches of batter whenever they can.