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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making Way

Have you ever noticed how many nautical turns of phrase are used in everyday life? Full steam ahead; the bitter end; a safe harbour... back on deck. Is it a colonial thing? Born of our history? Does it happen in landlocked nations?

In Crisp Whites, other members of her cohort are drawn to Nina’s warm nature and inner strength, and she becomes a confidante for their amazing stories. She is the discoverer of secrets; the one they turn to when it all goes to hell. Her sympathetic presence and ready shoulder disguise her own secrets and deepening confusion. At sea for six weeks, Nina tries to sort out her complicated feelings. The cohort steps ashore in Tasmania for a weekend of freedom from the ship and, in a series of misadventures, Nina finds herself literally fighting for her life in the back streets of Hobart.

Nina and Adam are drawn closer by this awful experience, but what hope exists for their love? As Initial Training draws to its climactic ending, tough decisions will have to be made. The experiences have changed Nina so much. What does this mean for the life she has left back in Brisbane?

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