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Friday, April 2, 2010

Life in Dreams

I have noticed something about my friends and a lot of my family. My husband, a full time home dad, is working on his athletic career, my best friend has a latent film company to which she applies what spare time she has aside from her public service career. My brother; head of security in a major shopping centre, is running a martial arts school which is steadily gaining in profile. We are good friends with a couple – he works in retail and she in an office – who create thoughtful visual art from various media. One of my colleagues is a vocalist in a band and another has a sideline in photography. The receptionist in my building moonlights as a marriage celebrant... do you see a pattern forming?

We all have busy ‘day jobs’ ... and we also each have a second life... usually something that gives us pleasure but may also prove to be viable one day.

I like it... it proves to me that dreaming and chasing those dreams are activities alive and well.

Dream on!

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